Bath linen laundry advice

Care Guidelines – Towelling Products

New towelling products should always be given a hot wash with detergent before use. This will prevent threads pulling.

Shake out towels before loading into the washing machine to allow the wash liquor to penetrate.

Detergents containing optical brightening agents will improve the visual brightness of white towels.

For coloured towels use a detergent that does not contain any optical brightening agents as this will mask the true shade and diminish the colour.

Coloured towels should be washed with similar shades and white towels only washed with white. Coloured lint contamination will ruin the appearance of towels if wash loads contain notably different colours

Washing in hard water can give a harsh feel to towels.

Fabric conditioner can be used to improve aroma and softness of the towel, however this lubricates the fibres which reduces towel absorbancy and can lead to fibre loss.

Do not over dry towels in the tumble dryer. This can lead to a dull, grey appearance.

Do not use towels to clean up bathroom spills or to wipe down after cleaning. Beauty products and bathroom cleaners can discolour or damage the towel leading to holes.